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Belux – Best Price & Quality Tissue in Malaysia

Welcome to Belux ~ Your Trusted Brands of Tissue Paper Products

Welcome to Belux

Warmest Greeting from Belux. This Blog served the purpose to share different variety and usage of Belux’s tissue paper products. 😊

Belux’s Product in a quick glance.

Belux is one of the major tissue brand in Malaysia, with plenty choice of tissue type that can best suit with your different hygiene needs. Belux also offer two (2) types of paper quality, 100% Virgin Pulp and Recycle Paper to produce our products.

In this blog, we will share the different variety of Belux’s tissue choices that serve different purposes. Feel free to have a look and choose the one that fit your daily care the most.

Here’s a quick list on the products that we offered : –

Consumer Product

  1. Pop Up Tissue
  2. Kitchen Towel Roll
  3. Soft Pack Kitchen Towel ( Multipurpose Kitchen Towel )
  4. Serviette Paper
  5. Toilet Tissue Roll
  6. Soft Pack Facial Tissue
  7. Facial Box Tissue
  8. Travel Pack Tissue

Commercial Product

  1. Jumbo Roll Tissue ( JRT )
  2. Paper Hand Towel ( M / N / Z / V / 5 / C Fold Hand Towel )
  3. Hard Roll Towel ( HRT)
  4. Centre Pull Towel ( Core / Coreless )
  5. Industrial Wiping Roll
  6. Clinical Roll
  7. Hygiene Bathroom Tissue ( HBT )
  8. Dispensers
  9. Cleaning Product

We will constantly update this blog to bring up more and more details regarding the different type of products that we offers. Stay Tuned!

If you wish to purchase our products, feel free to visit our Belux Online Store 👇

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