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Belux is now Officially Launched Tik Tok Shop!

Hurray~~~ Belux is now officially launched on the Tik Tok Shop now! 🎉🎉

Tik Tok Shop is a new feature from Tik Tok that allow Malaysian to make purchases easily throughout the Tik Tok App itself when Malaysian spot a product they like. It is just been introduced to Malaysia from March.

Now, Belux is proud to be one of the authorized seller (with Belux as Certified Trademark) to be launch an official online store with Tik Tok Shop.

Customers may now able to add their favorite product into cart and checkout via Tik Tok App without the concern of being redirected to different links in order to shop your favorite products.

Feel free to visit our Tik Tok Shop now at >


Our First
Video-Based Tik Tok Shop


Now, we are glad that exploring new opportunities to serve our customer better in different aspect. We will strive our best to ensure that we are giving our best services & entertainment in this new and latest Tik Tok Shop.

See you soon!


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