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Belux Pop Up Tissue ( Pull Up Tissue ) – The Most Popular Pick from our Brand

Belux Pop Up Tissue

  • Convenient Size
  • Smooth & Soft
  • Easy Fit

Belux Pop Up Tissue (also known as Pull Up Tissue) is one of the most selling, popular & viral product of Belux. The square size packing allow it to fit into different dispenser that ease the restaurant owner to reload their tissue.

Not only that, this user friendly size tissue allow customer to grab and go wherever and whenever they needed. It can be easily suit into different sizes of spaces such as in the car holder, different sizes of tissue holder / dispenser, in ladies’ handbag or even simply put on table.

From Left to Right
Pop Up Tissue (HBT), Pop Up Tissue (1 Ply), Pop Up Tissue (2 Ply)

With its square size design, Pop Up Tissue is suitable to fit in various size of dispenser.

Belux Pop Up Tissue Suggested Usage

Interested in our top selling product – Belux Pop Up Tissue? Feel free to visit our online store for more product specifications.

Belux Pop Up Tissue 2 Ply:



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