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Belux Tissue 10.10 Perfect Ten Sales, 4 Items That is Must-Have in your House!

Our Belux Tissue 10.10 Sales is around the corner. Too much products that making you dizzy? Worry no more! With this blog post, we’ll list down the 4 items that best suit with our consumers’ daily needs (approved by the reviews as well).

Belux Tissue is having a 10.10 Mega Sales right at October 10th 2022. As one of the biggest sales day in Malaysia, Belux Tissue also offer different promotion in online store that allow you to save more! ๐Ÿ’ฐ

1. Pop Up Tissue

Belux Pop Up Tissue

Think of Belux, Think of Pop Up Tissue! Pop Up Tissue (also known as Pull Up / Pull Out Tissue) is a square size tissue that best fit for multipurpose uses in different situation, for example:

  • Wiping mouth after dining
  • Removing minor stain on table
  • Cleaning cutlery before dining

The square size tissue comes in 10 packs in a single bag. With a fixed affordable price across various Online Platform such as Shopee, Lazada, PG Mall and Tik Tok Shop, Belux is aiming to provide the best solution for our consumer!

2. Soft Pack Tissue

Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue – Pink / Yellow (Ultra) / Brown (Luxury)

One of the best-selling most-picked items from Belux should be considered as Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue. Comes in 3 different sizes, it will best suit with your needs based on your situation.

Green-Yellow Packing: Minimalist style size, able to fit different places and/or bags.

Pink Packing:
Universal size, best use for any circumstances.

Brown Packing:
Biggest size, suit to place inside car drawer.

3. Multi Purpose Kitchen Towel Tissue

Belux Multi Purpose Kitchen Towel Tissue

We did not mentioned this before in our previous post (but we will update this as soon as possible :). Belux Multi Purpose Kitchen Towels / Inter Fold Kitchen Towel is a Soft-Pack Type thick towel that converted the kitchen towel roll inside a plastic wrapping form.

Not only it is more hygienic as the towel has been wrapped properly inside a plastic, the pulling-design packing also make food preparation (or different uses) in a more convenient way!

If you’re still not familiar with our Belux Multi Purpose Kitchen Towel, feel free to take a trial through the red color packing (M Size) before falling in love with our blue color packing (L Size)!

M Size: 85 Pulls, 3 Packs/Bag, Standard Square Size Towel
L Size: 100 Pulls, 4 Packs/Bag, Thicker & Longer Size Towel

Belux Multi Purpose Kitchen Towel: M Size vs L Size (Illustration)

4. Belux Facial Tissue Box (New Specification Update~)

Belux Facial Tissue Box

Tired of tissue residue after wiping? Do remember our Belux Tissue will NOT allow any of those situation happened!

With our newest product specification on this Belux Facial Tissue Box, it is now more thick from 2 Ply to 3 Ply, results in thicker, smoother and softer texture that allow our consumer to chill out after every wipe on any surfaces.

Example of Usage

Belux Facial Tissue Box comes with 3 different specification, ranging from 70 pulls, 130 pulls to 170 pulls, which allow our consumer to choose based on their needs.

Furthermore, the aesthetic batik vibes design is highly presentable and it definitely adding a color of joyfulness in our living and lifestyle~

5. Interested? Shop with Belux Now!

Here’s the 4 Items that our Belux is highly recommended to our consumer for those who did not try us before. On online platform, we strive to provide our:

  • Best Quality Products
  • Sufficient Quantity
  • Lowest Price Confirmed
  • Fast Respond Customer Service
  • FREE Voucher available
  • Fast Shipped Out

to our consumer to ensure they have a smooth and satisfy online purchase experience with Belux Tissue!

Shop Us now at different Online Platform at:

๐Ÿงก Shopee:
๐Ÿ’™ Lazada:
โค๏ธย PG Mall:
๐Ÿค Official Website:
๐Ÿ’œ TikTok Shop:

Tired of waiting online? Direct walk into our office to purchase directly too! Our office is located at Jalan Ipoh, KL. Feel free to search us on Google Maps / Waze through these keywords:

  1. Wing Seow Heng (T & I) Sdn Bhd
  2. Belux Tissue
  3. Call us at: 03-4043 6691
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