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Belux Dispenser – Here’s How to Keep Your Tissue Hygienic & Protected in Affordable Steps

Tired of using contaminated and dirty tissues? Here’s how you can keep your tissues always stay in protected, clean and hygienic whenever, wherever you needed them.

Dispenser range from Belux, from Hand Soap, Hygiene Bathroom Tissue, Jumbo Roll Tissue and Paper Hand Towel.

1. Identify Your Tissue Type

Tissue comes with different form as we introduced earlier, it included facial tissue, paper hand towel, jumbo roll tissue (JRT), pop up tissue, hygiene bath room tissue and more.

For the very first step, you have to identify which tissue you’re using right now. We have some of the customer faced a problem before where they order a wrong dispenser for their tissue. Thus, it is VERY important to know which type of tissue you’re using at the moment. (Save money $$ too)

2. Purchase a Dispenser for Your Tissue

Worry no more! Belux is now offering dispenser for various tissue paper that best suit with you tissue type.

  1. Belux M / N / Z / V / Inter / Multi Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

Suitable for:

  • M Fold Paper Hand Towel
  • V Fold (Inter Fold) Paper Hand Towel


2. Belux M / N / Z / V / Inter / Multi Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispenser (L Size)

Suitable for:

  • M Fold Paper Hand Towel
  • V Fold (Inter Fold) Paper Hand Towel


3. Belux Jumbo Roll Tissue Paper (JRT) Dispenser

Suitable for:

  • Jumbo Roll Tissue (Big Size Toilet Tissue Roll)


4. Belux Hygiene Bathroom Tissue (HBT) Dispenser

Suitable for:

  • Half Cut V Fold Paper Hand Towel
  • Pop Up Tissue
  • Hygiene Bathroom Tissue (HBT)


5. Belux Hand Soap / Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Suitable for:

  • Hand Soap (Gel Type)
  • Hand Sanitizer (Gel Type)


3. Keep Your Tissue in Closed Environment

Based on your tissue type, some of the tissue that already have their own individual packing can be keep in better, cleaner and hygienic way. It include but not limited to:

  • Drawer
  • Table
  • Open Desk
  • Underneath Table Storage
  • Bag
  • File Storage
  • Cabinet in Pantry
  • Etc…

4. Open a New Pack of Tissue only when you Needed

Some of the tissue is designed in small pack. When the tissue is opened, the tissue would always be contaminated as it touched the air outside that contain bacteria and dust.

However, all tissue is packed and sealed securely before it reached into your hand. As long as the tissue is always sealed, it will not easily be contaminated. We would suggest you to opened a new pack of tissue only when you started needed.

Securely sealed

5. Keep your Environment Clean


Last but not least, the most important tips (or ways) is to keep your surrounded environment clean and tidy!

As long as your tissue is placed in a tidy and hygiene place with minimal level of contamination, your tissue could then always serve you whenever and wherever you need with the best quality on the time!

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Belux Clearance Sales – RM5 Only for Box Facial Tissue – While Stock Last

Belux Box Facial Tissue is running clearance sales.

Wait no more! Enjoy the lowest price ever at Belux Online Store and shop for the RM5 Belux Box Facial Tissue!

You may even claim the voucher (time exclusive until May) for further cash back & promotion!

A Short Video for our product:-


For any further details and enquiries, feel free to drop us a Private Message (PM) at the Online Store when shopping at Shopee & Lazada so that we could suggest you accordingly.

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Belux is now Officially Launched Tik Tok Shop!

Hurray~~~ Belux is now officially launched on the Tik Tok Shop now! ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰

Tik Tok Shop is a new feature from Tik Tok that allow Malaysian to make purchases easily throughout the Tik Tok App itself when Malaysian spot a product they like. It is just been introduced to Malaysia from March.

Now, Belux is proud to be one of the authorized seller (with Belux as Certified Trademark) to be launch an official online store with Tik Tok Shop.

Customers may now able to add their favorite product into cart and checkout via Tik Tok App without the concern of being redirected to different links in order to shop your favorite products.

Feel free to visit our Tik Tok Shop now at >


Our First
Video-Based Tik Tok Shop


Now, we are glad that exploring new opportunities to serve our customer better in different aspect. We will strive our best to ensure that we are giving our best services & entertainment in this new and latest Tik Tok Shop.

See you soon!


Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue – Feel the Softness on Your Skin

From Top to Bottom: Belux Ultra Soft Pack, Belux Soft Pack Tissue, Belux Luxury Soft Pack (3 Ply)

Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue is another popular picks from Belux. Soft Pack Facial Tissue is designed that suit for your skin. Without any fragrance, this Soft Pack Facial Tissue is suitable for sensitive skin as well!

Furthermore, Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue is also a good substitute for box tissue, thus it could prevent any exterior damage that causes the packaging in bad condition. The Soft Pack design also allow you to fit in any place that you want to, either in car drawer, office desk, beside your bed and even inside your handbag!


Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue 3 Ply – 130 Pulls

This Pink color Soft Pack Facial Tissue is so far the best selling product in the ‘Soft Pack Tissue’ Category! With it’s “ngam ngam” (best fit) size, it is actually suitable to place in any places as you like.


Left: Belux Ultra Soft Pack Facial Tissue
Right: Belux Luxury Soft Pack Facial Tissue

โš ๏ธ New Arrival! Let’s welcome Belux Ultra (left) and Luxury (right) Soft Pack Facial Tissue into our Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue family~

The Belux Ultra Soft Pack Facial Tissue (left) has a smaller size than the previous Pink Color Soft Pack Tissue, thus it is more convenient for you to bring it during outside, utilizing it’s size and act as a travel pack tissue (but bigger~).

The Belux Luxury Soft Pack Facial Tissue (right) has a bigger size than the previous Pink Color Soft Pack Tissue. As the size is bigger, it is better to be placed on office desk or dining table to wipe out stains and/or after having meal.

All Belux Soft Pack Facial Tissue in a Glance

Feeling interested on our products? Feel free to drop us a message on our online store. We would assist you to pick your tissue that best fit with your needs!



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